Himalayan animal Am Salt

Himalayan animal Am Salt

Himalayan animal Am Salt

Himalayan animal Am Salt

Himalayan animal Am Salt
Himalayan animal Am Salt
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Himalayan animal Am Salt

Attributes of Himalayan Salt Mineral Block

The modern world and its discoveries have improved the lives of all beings, from yours to even your cattle’s. However, with low quality feeds and fodder sprouting up everywhere, salt deficiency and chronic diseases in cattle are becoming an unavoidable norm. Fret not though, for the mineral blocks for cattle we’re telling you about might just get you the strong and healthy cattle you desire.

Mineral blocks, or salt blocks for cattle, maybe just the nutrition provider you need, to give your cattle a necessary health boost. Maintaining your animals’ sugar and hormone levels, hardening your cattle’s hooves, preventing them from drinking urine or exhibiting stressful behaviors and ensuring strong nervous and immune systems are only a few of the multitudinous benefits of AM  Himalayan salt blocks.

So if you’re concerned about your animals, and whether they’re getting enough nutrition to grow strong and healthy, read on to find out how you can have the best cattle in town with shiny coats, healthy appetites, high milk yields, and strong inner systems.

Filling in the Gaps:

Your furry friends in the field are your responsibility, and thus you need to compensate for the nutrients that they are unable to obtain through their diet. Without consuming the salt, they need, your cattle may develop a craving for it, which will result in abnormal behaviors like chewing on dirt and licking wood. Therefore, you’ll need to make the extra effort of adding animal feed Himalayan salt rich in trace reserves and necessary minerals in your cattle’s diet, to get them thank you later!

Following are two simple ways you can ensure a healthy diet for your cattle:

  • Add Salt Brimming with Nutrients in Animal Feed

You’ll need to remember to add these additional supplements whenever you’re preparing feed for the fields. This method of adding loose salt to animal feed is preferred in winters, and harsh weather conditions, when it’s difficult for animals to lick salt blocks. Thus, cattle owners ensure their animals’ salt intake through loose salt.

  • Get a Salt Lick

Am Salt licks or Himalayan salt blocks for cattle are an option widely preferred due to their inexpensive nature, and the convenience they offer.

However, are you dubious about getting just a salt block for your cattle? Carrying multitudinous benefits and being easy to store, these licks are in fact mineral blocks for your cattle, made from Himalayan salt that is brimming with over 84 minerals that are excellent health boosters for your friends in the field. However, ensure appropriate salt and mineral concentrations you intend to provide before allowing your cattle to consume these mineral licks.

Get A Lick, Get A Change!

Salt licks of Himalayan salt hold multiple benefits for your cattle. Entirely natural and inexpensive, they’ll even outlive you if kept dry, all the while capable of providing major perks upon consumption.

Good Food, Good Response!

Natural salt licks will provide your cattle with natural Himalayan salt in a form as hard as their horns. Brimming with approximately 84 nutrients, this salt will aid in the development of the nervous system of your animals, thus facilitating their nerve impulses and resulting in a better response from your cattle, especially those on which you ride!

Strong Muscles to Flaunt!

To achieve your goal of having the strongest animals among all, providing them with appropriate salt and minerals according to their needs is the must. Himalayan salt blocks also aid in muscular development of your cattle, for salt aids in multiple body functions including transportation of nutrients to cells, resulting in healthier and stronger animals.

Good Meals, Good Milk!

Salt must be consumed by animals that are to yield milk. A diet rich in essential minerals and supplements will prevent loss of appetite in your cattle, which would also increase milk production. Thus, Himalayan salt mineral licks are considered important for dairy animals’ better health and performance.

More Licks for Less Sick Cattle

Himalayan salt licks indeed aid in the prevention of multiple diseases caused by the salt deficiency in cattle, such as dehydration and viral infections.

While salt licks are available generally for all animals, you may need to exercise further prudence in providing different animals with the varying essential minerals they individually crave.

Deer Salt Lick:

Aiming to breed an enviable herd of deer with shiny coats, or simply looking for a hunting aid to get one for yourself? Consider getting a deer mineral lick, or simply, a Himalayan salt lick for deer that may work for both tasks. However, deer may require individual attention, for although hoofed just like your other cattle, they can be quite choosy about their consumption of dietary supplements.

Thus, carefully choose a beneficial mineral block that contains trace reserves good for the whole herd. It’ll help them in their development, and will provide the minerals they need for growth of antlers.

Cow Salt:

While all your herds are vulnerable to salt deficiency, this problem is a common occurrence in cows. Cows that are milked daily especially require good consumption of salt in order to produce milk, else they may opt for alternate harmful sources such as dirt and wood to satiate their salt cravings. Thus for their proper nutrition, development, and fertility, ensure you have Himalayan salt blocks as cowlicks in your pastures for happy, healthy cows.


Horse Salt Licks:

Salt is among the most necessary minerals that are to be provided to horses, without which they may exhibit abnormal behaviors. You’ll be glad to know that your horses are smart enough to self-regulate their salt needs, thus, if the weather isn’t too harsh, you can consider providing them with horse salt licks that will aid in the development of their systems, maintain their health and hormones and prevent chronic diseases.

Time to Reap the Reward!

Well, good luck in your endeavor! And now that you’ve made the extra effort, you’ll soon be flaunting the healthiest and strongest cattle in town, who’ll be thanking you if they could!

Himalayan animal Am Salt is known to most as the world’s purest salt. The salt is mined and sold to you non processed and in its original state. With these salt licks your animals will be receiving more than 84 natural minerals and trace elements necessary for a balanced intake of iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc, selenium and more. The distinctive pink color comes from the natural high mineral contents unique to Himalayan Salts. These salt licks are also site and weather resistant.
Salt has always been essential to animals for their general health. All of the same health benefits of Himalayan Salt is now available for your pets and farm animals. Your animals will crave the mineral rich salt lick. These salt licks are safe and effective for all species of animals. This salt has been untouched by modern pollution and arrives at your door in its pristine raw and natural form exactly as it was 250 million years ago.



For thousands of years, it has been known that domestic and wild animals need salt just as a human does. The virtues of salt for animals were extolled by the ancient Greeks. Early explorers in Africa, Asia, and North America recorded observations of grazing animals traveling to salt springs or deposits to satisfy ravenous appetites for salt. Animals deprived of salt will risk grave danger or resort to unusual behavior to obtain it. Rock salt is salt in its purest form mined from the foothills of the Himalayan KhewraSalt Mountains. This natural source of Rock Salt is bound by over 84 trace elements making it rock hard and giving it a pink/red color. Different from normal salt licks and cattle salt licks.

Himalayan Pink Salt Licks are not only better replacements in terms of longevity but also in terms of organic and mineral concentration, being formed over 250 million years ago as a direct result of massive geological changes and earthquakes that trapped ancient oceans beneath the earth’s crust. These trapped oceans, over the course of roughly 250 million years, crystallized and formed Rock Salt and we have made this ancient rock salt available to supplement the varied dietary needs of living beings. Himalayan pink salt licks are 100% natural products created for cattle as well as horses. They contain 84 Minerals and traces that are essentials for humans and for cattle at all life stages. They are a convenient and ideal source of bioenergetics resources for all animals and livestock such as horses, cows, buffalo, camels, sheep, goats, pets, zoo & wild animals. They have several benefits:

  • Decreases stressful behaviors such as constant licking, chewing on fences
  • Enhances cattle digestibility
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Optimizes rumen fermentation
  • Ideal source of bioenergetics
  • Increases milk yields by 5-15% (12.8%)
  • Helps animals develop shiny & healthy coats
  • Helps harden the hooves of animals
  • Restores salt lost by animals via sweating in hot climates
  • Increase in the threshold at which animals/horses sweat with exercise
  • Reduces animal drowsiness
  • Increases feed intake
  • Increases animal weight
  • Increased farm efficiency & productivity


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